My panic attack: How I avoided it today.

Today was the first time in a long time that I felt I was not going to cope. I was sitting in a lecture theatre full of first year Biology students. Not just any old biology class (here is the heart, here is the liver etc) oh no, this is molecular biology.  It’s a compulsory subject. I am completely lost in every lecture.


decoding biology

The only way I cope in this class is by doing lots of self study out of hours, but I still struggle with it. I was particularly overwhelmed today because I felt behind on the previous week’s lectures so I knew I would be facing an avalanche of information. (more…)

Warning! Holding a grudge can give you amnesia.

Jessica Ainscough, a young Australian blogger died last week. This week, the little part of the internet I am connected to has exploded with posts and comments about the damage Jess has left behind. Jess called herself a “Wellness Warrior” and I always found her posts to be great reminders for me to tend to my own health – on all levels.

bloggers go crazy this week (more…)

Mindfulness: does a labotomy help?

I’ve had a tumultuous (love that word!) two weeks. The conflict has been with myself and I can happily report that it is resolved now. The path to inner peace, however, was a real gift that enabled me to learn a bit more about myself. What happens if mindfulness causes mind-unrest?

mindfulness has helped


How thick is your skin?

It’s great to be back in the driver’s seat again. Thanks so much for your patience while I took some time out to attend to other business matters. I’ve had two profound realisations while I have been off doing other things – (1);  I’m getting older, (2); I’ve learned more in my life time than I had realised. In fact, I almost titled this post – “Thank God for Middle Age”.

aging is a gift (more…)

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