Welcome to Fortitude at Work

Fortitude at Work is a training provider that works with companies who have small business clients. We help people to help people. Did you know that 98% of all businesses in Australia are small businesses? It’s not always easy running a small business, and we help service providers reach out to their clients who may be experiencing mental health struggles triggered by tough trading conditions.

We work with accountants, solicitors and bankers to identify when a client is in need and know how to have an honest conversation that will refer them to professional help.

It’s not easy talking to a client about their emotional state, but it’s an important part of the service experience.

In Australia, 68% of all small business owners are males, with 58% of them aged 30-50 years and a third of them are over 50 years. Did you know that males aged between 45 – 54 have the second highest suicide rate in Australia?


We have experienced, qualified facilitators who can come to your office and run a half day (only four hour) course for your team that will provide them with the confidence to approach a client in need. You never know when a simple conversation may just save a life.

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