Mindfulness: does a labotomy help?

I’ve had a tumultuous (love that word!) two weeks. The conflict has been with myself and I can happily report that it is resolved now. The path to inner peace, however, was a real gift that enabled me to learn a bit more about myself. What happens if mindfulness causes mind-unrest?

mindfulness has helped


How thick is your skin?

It’s great to be back in the driver’s seat again. Thanks so much for your patience while I took some time out to attend to other business matters. I’ve had two profound realisations while I have been off doing other things – (1);  I’m getting older, (2); I’ve learned more in my life time than I had realised. In fact, I almost titled this post – “Thank God for Middle Age”.

aging is a gift (more…)

My best conversations happen when I’m naked.

I’ve had lots of conversations this week. Lots of time to reflect and lots of chances to talk differently. I know, not just from this week, but from a sense of self-awakening that my best conversations happen when I’m stripped bare. (more…)

Here’s how to put your finger on it.

Ever had one of those days where things are pretty normal yet you just feel a bit “off”? Where something inside is niggling you and despite your best efforts to ignore it, it always seems to resurface throughout the day? You just can’t put your finger on it… (more…)

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